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Huanhuan Jinxi River, red waves
Market fish pond water Various treatment methods, long cycle time in processing, complicated treatment technology, repeated treatment effects, and easy secondary pollution to the environment, the consequences are serious!
  • Bottom filtration: Reinstalled every year, prone to water mixing, water green, etc.
  • HDP: Water can remain unscented and tasteless, but affects viewing
  • Purification method: need machine room, pipeline, occupy land, easy to block
  • Botanical method: Replanting is required every year. After the death, the debris destroys the landscape, and it is ineffective for black odor treatment. It is easy to breed mosquitoes
  • Casting method: easy secondary pollution, long-term use consequences are unimaginable, high cultivation costs
  • Aeration method: uneven aeration, limited to small waters, huge operating costs, unable to solve the fundamental problem of river and lake pollution
Qingdao Kelin Developed the the best landscape fish pond biochemical filtration purification cycle patent system for the current situation of fish pond water, is known as < Span class="two_d">Currently the most scientific and advanced water treatment technology for fish farming, The water quality is clear, and once invested, long-term effective! No need to change water all the year round, no need to maintain

Japanese original ecology

The liquid can well inhibit the growth, decomposition, oxidation and excretion of various algae, and create a healthy environment for the fish.

Bottom sewage system

The normal filtered raw water can be discharged after a period of time after nitrification and denitrification.

\t\t\t\twater circulatory system

After filtration, the water is recycled back to the landscape pool.

Mineral decomposition system

Increase the precipitation of minerals in the water, so that the minerals in the culture water are high, and the color of the fish is bright and beautiful.

Aeration and aeration system

Increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, so that the fish do not lack oxygen, maintain an efficient ecological chain

Sterilization system

Adding a protection to the water can better destroy the growth of microalgae in the water and keep the water clear.

Biochemical filtration system

Migration and transformation of organic matter, dirt and other substances contained in culture water affect water quality substances

Physical filtration system

Block the fishing rod, let the fish, organic matter, etc. naturally stay on the filter material

Soil sedimentation system

Dirt enters the system, a process of sedimentation

Facial storage system

Put all floating objects such as dust and leaves on the water into the filter

Bottom water inlet system

Dirt, dirt, organic matter, leaves and other dirt from the bottom of the pool are introduced into the filtration system from the influent system
Solution /Solution

More\u0026gt;\u0026gt; common problem

The importance of the fish pond filtration system designed by the fish pond
Many fish pond filtration systems will be built when the pool is built. The landscape fish ponds of the koi carp must be used as a fish pond filtration system. The fish pond filtration system of the koi fish pond is the most important, otherwise it is not...
What should be paid attention to in the design of the garden fish pond
When choosing to design a garden fish pond, you can"t just casually. Looking for a Feng Shui master to look at the professional garden pond design company. Feng Shui master helped to choose the day, can...
Why can"t the water in the fish pond be clean
How do we deal with fish pond water treatment Qingdao Kelin can help you solve it: I believe that everyone will naturally think of filtering this method, thinking of filtering impurities out of the water...
The importance of the fish pond filtration system designed by the fish pond
Many fish pond filtration systems will be built when the pool is built. The landscape fish ponds of the koi carp must be used as a fish pond filtration system. The fish pond filtration system of the koi fish pond is the most important, otherwise it is not...
What should be paid attention to in the design of the garden fish pond
When choosing to design a garden fish pond, you can"t just casually. Looking for a Feng Shui master to look at the professional garden pond design company. Feng Shui master helped to choose the day, can...
Why can"t the water in the fish pond be clean
How do we deal with fish pond water treatment Qingdao Kelin can help you solve it: I believe that everyone will naturally think of filtering this method, thinking of filtering impurities out of the water...
I want to raise a beautiful fish, have fun  Start with the design of the fish pond a>

Want to raise a beautiful fish, have fun Start from the design of the fish pond

Want to raise a beautiful fish, have fun Must start with the fish pond design! The design of the fish pond is very important. It saves trouble and cares for the fish. It is happy every day. Many players say that my filtration system is very good, why is the water body still unhealthy...

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